FINN'S Smoked Fish Dips are smooth and creamy with the right combination of smokiness.  We make it from the freshest, wild-caught fish possible and hot smoke it over natural wood embers.  We use Mahi-Mahi (pronounced MAH-hee MAH-hee), the Hawaiian name for Dolphinfish.  This mild variety tames the “fishy” taste of many other smoked fish dips and spreads made from fish containing more oil.   The fresh cut fillets go straight into the smokehouse for seven hours of natural smoking.  Finally, the smoked fillets are combined with a balanced recipe of ingredients to wake up the natural flavors. The original blend is aromatic with a pronounced smoke flavor and subtle notes of citrus and pepper.  The Cajun version uses a traditional blackened blend of three peppers, including cayenne, to create more bite.  This one is the flavor bomb for fans that like a little heat.  

Respecting the Ocean


Mahi-Mahi is a fast-growing fish.  It is one of the more sustainable species available.  Mahi-Mahi can be found up and down the east coast from Montauk to Key West depending on the season.  It is most plentiful in southern waters.  Most of our fish comes from 100 miles or more offshore.  When our catch arrives, the fish is smoked right in a dockside smokehouse.  It is hot smoked for seven hours or more over traditional live Oak and Florida Citrus embers. 

Safety first

Wood Embers for Smoked Fish

If you are concerned about toxins that are naturally present in raw fish, there is no need to worry with FINN'S.  We eliminate the toxins by hot smoking and thereby cooking the fish to a safe temperature before blending it into our dip.  Continuous refrigeration ensures the ready-to-eat dip is completely safe when you purchase it.  We take great care to ensure freshness and use ingredients that, when combined with the smoke process, naturally preserve the dip.  Nothing artificial is needed and so no additional preservatives are used in smoking, blending, and packaging. 

A healthy appetizing snack food