The Finn's Story

Vintage Mercury 2 cycle Outboard

I'm Paul, the founder of FINN'S.  FINN'S smoked fish dip is something I've wanted to do for a long, long time. For about ten summers in the 80s and 90s, I fished with my father in a tiny boat with a 40 HP Mercury outboard.  Both my dad and the boat have long since retired.  We caught a lot of Bluefish back then, everyone did.  So many  that we couldn't  give them all away.  In a waste-not, want-not effort, we tried baking, blackening, and frying them but there was always an overpowering fishy taste, just too much natural oil in the fish.  So we tried smoking.  We used some tin can electric smoker that we bought in a department store.  Yep, photo below is the actual one, also retired.  All of a sudden everyone wanted the smoked fish.  The idea for FINN'S was born.  


Home Smoker

I made a series of trips around the country, starting in Brooklyn and reaching as far as Florida to meet with owners and operators of smokehouses. These gracious professionals have decades of experience smoking fish.  Each was generous with their time and advice.  I can't thank them enough for it.  Without their willingness to help, producing FINN'S smoked fish dip would not be possible. Fast forward to today; FINN'S is the result of trying many varieties of fish.  Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Cobia, Kingfish, Amberjack, and Atlantic Cod were all tried in countless recipe variations.  We prefer Mahi-Mahi.  It is mild and gives our dip added smokiness.  Our original and Cajun blends use basic ingredients to wake up the naturally mild flavor of the smoked fish.