Frequently Asked Questions

Finn's Smoked Fish Dip

Question: Do I need to cook or heat FINN'S dips and spreads before eating them?


Answer:  NO.  These are ready-to-eat products that are intended to be served cold.  They make an interesting alternative to hummus, cheeses, and other cold appetizers. 

Question: Do I need to keep them refrigerated?

Answer:  YES.  Refrigerate at 38 degrees (common home refrigerator temperature) until ready-to-serve.  Relax and enjoy but do not leave remaining dip at room temperature for more than four hours and shorter times are necessary as the temperature gets higher.  Some ingredients such as mayonnaise can spoil quickly in warm temperatures. 

Question: How long will they last?

Answer:  Look for the “sell by” date on the package.  Once opened, it is best to use within one week or before the “sell by” date whichever is first.  Shelf life will ultimately be determined by how you store it, your usage habits, and how much exposure to temperature above 38 degrees (refrigeration) it receives.  

smoked fish dip serving suggestion

Question: Can I freeze them?

Answer:  NOT RECOMMENDED.  They contain dairy products that don’t tolerate freezing very well.  You can thaw and eat safely but the flavor and textures will not be the same.  If you do freeze them, you'll probably notice ice crystals.  Thaw and stir a bit to restore the balance.  The Salmon spread is more tolerant of freezing.  It has a Greek yogurt base.  Thaw completely and stir to restore original texture and flavor.  

Question: How are they best served?

Answer:  It is limited only by your imagination.  Typically, they are served with crackers or fresh cut slices of cucumber.  Crisp tomato, carrot sticks, and peppers also provide healthy snacking alternatives to the carbs.  The mild flavor also means it will pair nicely with fresh fruit and create interesting flavor combinations.  Don’t forget the glass of Chardonnay, a cold IPA, or Iced Tea.  

Perfect Size Mahi-Mahi for Smoking


Question: Where does wild-caught Mahi-Mahi come from?

Answer:  Mahi-Mahi comes from Atlantic off-shore fisheries when in season, the Gulf of Mexico, and further south in temperate and tropical regions.  Mahi-Mahi is a top water species that is caught using a long-line method where fish take individual hooks.  No nets or dragger techniques are used that would otherwise indiscriminately catch or harm  non-fin fish species. 

Question: Where does the Salmon come from?

Answer:  The Atlantic Salmon used in our spread is farm raised in several fisheries around the world depending on the season.  Wild caught stock of Atlantic Salmon has been so reduced by over fishing that there is essentially no wild Atlantic Salmon left.  Instead, Atlantic Salmon is now extensively farm raised primarily in Chile, Norway, Scotland, and British Columbia. 

Question: Do you use preservatives?

Answer:  NO.  No preservatives are used beyond those already present in mayonnaise and cream cheese that are in our recipes.   

Question: What about food allergens?

Answer:  If you are allergic to fish, you MUST NOT eat any fish dips or spreads. We are Seafood HACCP certified. HACCP is the industry standard for safe food handling and processing methods and includes detailed controls to ensure food safety.  Please read all labels which will clearly identify any potential allergens.  Our facility at South Fork Kitchens in Southampton, NY was inspected and FINN'S process was approved by the US Department of Agriculture.  FINN'S product labels conform to The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA).  Beyond allergens, smoked foods in general, including fish, should be consumed in moderation.  Indulge occasionally and eat sensibly.