FINN’S Creole Style Smoked Shrimp Spread


This one draws "wows" from our sampling events!  FINN’S Creole Style Smoked Shrimp Spread starts with the freshest gulf shrimp.  They’re smoked to perfection in our dockside smokehouse over live oak embers and then blended together with traditional Creole seasonings and spices.  The result is a smoky and flavorful experience that is equally enjoyable morning, noon, or night.  Try it with a still warm NY bagel or atop a fresh cucumber or firm heirloom tomato slice.  If it isn't too early, pair it with a properly chilled herbaceous bottle of Sauvigon Blanc.  You'll be in for a memorable start to your party!    

The fleur-de-lis symbol

The symbol adorns FINN’S Creole style Smoked Shrimp Spread packaging to recognize the French Creole influence on our blend.  No one can pinpoint the exact date and location of its origination, but today's interpretation says it was a moniker for French nobility or at least the well-off residents that flocked to that part of Louisiana.  

Gulf Shrimp

Gulf shrimp are made up of three predominant varieties.  These are brown, white, and pink.  They are determined by their shell color.  While they are slightly different, they are collectively all considered Gulf Shrimp.  

Each of the three provides a slight variation in flavor.  Brown shrimp have a stronger flavor with an almost iodine character.  They are perfect for creating flavorful recipes including our Creole style spread.  White shrimp are mild with some sweetness and excellent for soups and sauces.  Pink are milder yet and the largest of the species.  Their large size makes them perfect for shrimp cocktails where their good looks and subtle flavor aren’t asked to compete for attention.

Gulf shrimp are harvested in the wild using trawlers with nets.  Interestingly, they are found along the mid-Atlantic coast as well, not just in the warm waters off coastal gulf states.  Shrimp and crab caught off the Delmarva Peninsula strike a heated debate among captains as to which is the more prized catch.

Perfectly smoked gulf shrimp

Perfectly smoked gulf shrimp

Creole Flavor


The “Creole” style of cooking comes to us from settlers in French Colonial Louisiana and in particular “New Awlins,” the proper pronunciation for the city of New Orleans.  Please refrain from sounding it out as New-Oar-leans.  To “oar” is to row, row, row your boat.

Originally it was a style of cooking practiced by the upper class of French people quite possibly due to the cost of the spices themselves.  Oregano and other spices were considered exotic for the region.  It’s hard to imagine that a “spice trader” could make a fortune today but there was a time when that was absolutely the case.  Over time Creole food was influenced by various cultures including Caribbean, Portuguese, and Native Americans.   Creole also includes spices popular among Italian and Spanish dishes such as oregano and thyme, both of which are included in FINN’S Creole spice mix.  


Cajun and Creole

They’re the same only different.  Wait, what?  Cajun flavors are more basic and get their flavor mostly from several varieties of peppers.  FINN’S Cajun Mahi-Mahi, for example, includes three types of pepper including Cayenne.  It brings some heat.  FINN’S Shrimp Creole spread backs off of the pepper and adds several subtle flavors that would otherwise compete with the heat that Cajun spice blends bring to a recipe.  Perfect for Gulf shrimp.